Dream Home's Expert Outdoor Furniture Cleaning Process

At Dream Home, we recognize the significance of maintaining the cleanliness and freshness of your outdoor furniture. Our highly skilled technicians follow a thorough four-stage cleaning process to ensure optimal results and a hygienically clean outdoor seating arrangement.

  1. Pre-vacuuming to Eliminate Outdoor Debris

    Prior to commencing the actual cleaning process, our technicians utilize powerful vacuum equipment to meticulously eliminate loose dust, dirt, and debris from every crevice and surface of your outdoor furniture. This step effectively removes outdoor contaminants, preparing the furniture for a deep and comprehensive cleaning.
  2. Application of Specialized Cleaning Solutions

    Once the pre-vacuuming is completed, we apply specially formulated cleaning solutions designed to target and break down stubborn stains, dirt, and grime specific to outdoor environments. Our cleaning solutions are gentle yet effective, ensuring a thorough cleaning process without compromising the integrity of your outdoor upholstery.
  3. Advanced Deep Cleaning with Cutting-edge Equipment

    Subsequently, we employ state-of-the-art, high-tech equipment to deeply clean your outdoor furniture. Our technicians adeptly utilize advanced cleaning tools designed to agitate and extract dirt and stains from the fabric, catering to the unique challenges posed by outdoor exposure. These cutting-edge machines efficiently reach into the fibers, effectively lifting embedded dirt and contaminants.
  4. Moisture Extraction with Powerful Washing Vacuum Cleaner

    Following the cleaning process, we prioritize thorough moisture extraction to prevent excess dampness and potential damage to your outdoor furniture. Our robust washing vacuum cleaner efficiently extracts remaining moisture, leaving your outdoor furniture clean, revitalized, and ready for use without any inconvenience.
Choose Dream Home for a comprehensive outdoor furniture cleaning experience that enhances the appearance and longevity of your outdoor seating.
Cleaning methods
wet (shampooing) or dry (vacuuming + steaming)
Cleaning detergent
we use all chemical free and safe cleaning solutions
Cleaning time
about 1-2 hours
Drying time
outside 2-3 hours
Cleaning result
you will get rid of stains, dust and dirt
Mold removing:

Dream Home's outdoor furniture cleaning process yields exceptional results, reviving the aesthetics and cleanliness of your outdoor seating.

Our meticulous technicians pay attention to detail, addressing specific concerns related to outdoor elements. We are dedicated to delivering a professional service that ensures your outdoor furniture is spotless, hygienically clean, and free from allergens or bacteria.

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